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Meet the Denver Jurors: The Denver Fashion Truck

Denver Fashion Truck is a mobile boutique owned and operated by husband &  wife, Adrian & Desiree- “Mobility for Denver’s Art and Fashion”

Q. Tell us a little about yourself & your background in the arts & crafts world?                                                                                              

A. (Desiree) I am a maker myself. Mostly dresses and home décor.       (Adrian) I have always been an artist, drawing, graffiti art, and I am currently in school obtaining my BFA in fine arts and communication design. So naturally we found ourselves indulging in arts and craft, not just as artists but as fans too. Eventually we came to want to offer these goods to the public.                                                                          

Q. What/who is your biggest inspiration?                                             

A. (Desiree) My husband and our daughters. They inspire me and push me to be the best I can be.                                                    (Adrian) I simply want to create awesome things and then share them with people, that's what inspires me. 

Q. How did you get into your position in the arts & crafts world?

A. (Desiree) My husband and I were sharing vendor booths at different events. We had wanted a boutique for years. We followed our path and a year and a half ago DFT was born.                                      (Adrian) Well as artists we wanted to get exposure, we worked a few of Fashion Denver events then we wanted to start establishing ourselves with our own events/business and share our work. This is after hitting a few dead ends with potential outlets for our work. So we figured if we want to perform, first we have to build the stage, hence Denver Fashion Truck. 

Q. Tell us about a few favorites of your: Weekend activity? Food? Color? Animal?

A. (Desiree) I love exploring our city and small mountain towns on our days off. I love a perfect hamburger. The color purple has always been my favorite and I’d have to say the fox is my favorite animal and dogs!                                                                                                       (Adrian) I love the mountains and exploring mountain towns! My favorite color is orange, you either hate it or love it nonetheless it's funky, fun and synonymous with my favorite time of year, autumn! My favorite food is Mexican! Isn't everybody's favorite food Mexican? But seriously street tacos! Com'on now!. I really need a favorite animal in my life, I like everything furry at the zoo except for tarantulas. My dog is pretty awesome too. 

Q. What do you love most about the handmade movement?

A. (Desiree) I love seeing the growth especially in our home town. Being a native, it’s such an inspiration to see what a community the handmade market has become.                                                     (Adrian) I like that it employees makers and creative types! It's also an awesome stage for us, It's more personalized, 

Q. What is the most important feature in an artist's application for you?

A. (Desiree) Passion + execution.                                                               (Adrian) I think it's important for an artist to be aware of their branding and to see that awareness from a potential customers view. 

Q. What are you most looking forward to in being a part of the Jackalope Arts jury? 

A. We are excited to see all the different applications come through, to see what others are doing in the handmade community.

Q. Where can we find out more about you?

A. Check out our revamped website. Set to launch April 2015.