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Meet the Denver Jurors: Megan Timlin

Owner at Whorl Shop

Q. Tell us a little about yourself & your background in the arts & crafts world?   

A. I was always a young entrepreneur at heart making crafty goods for the Young American Bank markets. I always thought that the product I was selling was the “hottest” thing. That’s where my love of arts and crafts started. After all those years I finally found my passion… curating local, national, and global clothing, jewelry and home goods for the Denver community. 

Q. What/who is your biggest inspiration?   

A. Currently, all the Denver small business owners who wake up, do all the hard stuff, love what they do, and go to bed happy and excited about all of it! 

Q. How did you get into your position in the arts & crafts world?

A. I created it for myself. I wanted to contribute to the Denver fashion community by giving local designers a quality place to house their brand, as well as other brands that have a story and or a cause behind them. 

Q. Tell us about a few favorites of yours: Weekend Activity/Color/Animal?

A. My favorite weekend activity is exploring new shops in Denver hubs, followed by some delicious Sushi! My favorite color has always been purple and my favorite animal is a cheetah. 

Q. What do you love most about the handmade movement?

A. That it has become a way of making a living. People can now pursue what they love and carve out their own future. More and more retail stores are carrying more handmade work and it adds a distinctive characteristic to their store. 

Q. What is the most important feature in an artist's application for you?

A. The artisan statement is really important for me. The why and the passion behind every artist can speak wonders for the product itself. 

Q. What are you most looking forward to in being a part of the Jackalope Arts jury? 

A. I’m looking forward to discovering new and talented local artisans who offer a unique and fun product to the market! 

Q. Where can we find out more about you?

A. You can visit, follow me on Instagram @msmegantimlin OR come on in the Whorl and hang out!