Denver Vendor Logistics

Denver Vendor Logistics

Welcome to the Denver Vendor Logistics page!  Everything you need to know about the fair weekend's logistics is right here.  Please SAVE the LINK to this page so you can re-visit it whenever you need to! 

When you get to the McNichols Building please CHECK IN with us at the Information Booth (first floor) to receive your booth number and some reminders. We can also show you to your booth location. 

Venue Layout & Map

You have all been placed onto the booth layout at McNichols.  Please click on the button below to find your booth number and locate your booth on the map.  

Note: When you click the link, your Booth Number assignments are on Tab #1 & the booth map is on Tab #2  (Tab #3 is the load in schedule - see below)

Please don't share this map with guests!  This is a working map for vendors and Jackalope staff.  We will have an official map ready as we get closer to the event. 

*If you are on the 3rd floor please note that there will be some art installations along the wall so please do not plan on using the wall space for display.

Load In & Out

Please refer to Tab #3 of the spreadsheet for the day/time and street allocation for load in. You can access it to the right -->

Load in is based on the floor your booth space is located on!  Please make sure you have your floor correct to determine the right load in.

Friday Load-in

  • 1st Floor: Optional Load In Friday between 1pm-4pm OR Saturday morning on assigned street (pull up                on tab #3 above) 
  • 2nd Floor: Mandatory load in Saturday Morning by scheduled intervals (pull up on tab #3)
  • 3rd Floor: Mandatory Friday load in between 1pm-4pm

Please be swift and unload your vehicle first and setup once you move your vehicle to permanent parking. *see below for parking information

Sunday Load-Out

Please pack up your items FIRST, then you can go retrieve your vehicle.  Please use the front or back alley way, please be swift, there is a lot of you!


If you made any rental requests, all rentals will be at your booth by your arrival on either Friday afternoon OR Saturday morning.  If you ordered electricity, it will be dropped to your booth.  Please bring your own cords to use within your booth space.

*If you have a 10x10 space, remember that 10x10 canopies are not allowed!  You may use the frame of the tent but must remove the canopy per fire code.


We recommend The Denver Post Parking Garage for vendors, here are all the options:

  • Denver Post Parking Garage (1520 Cleveland Place): $6/24 hours!
  • 16th & Cleveland: $14 max
  • 15th & Court: $12 max
  • 14th & Court: Time Park
  • 14th & Bannock: $48 max
  • 14th & Cherokee: $7 max
  • 13th & Bannock: $8 max
  • Sheraton Downtown: $25 max


Share additional ATTENDEE INFO with your guests!


Feel free to leave your items up overnight both Friday and Saturday since the building is locked and secured. We will be at McNichols at 9:00am on Sunday the 11th, remember show starts at 10am-don't be late!



Permits & Licensing

All vendors must have a temporary or permanent retailer's license for the state of Colorado and the city of Denver by the time you vend with us. Colorado law states that you must have a retailer's license in order to make sales. You are considered a retailer if you are selling any tangible items to customers.  

State of Colorado Tax Information:



City of Denver Tax Event Application:


* If you are a food vendor make sure you are familiar with the food requirements for selling in Denver, you can find more info HERE


Here is a handy marketing check list you can use to make sure you're doing everything you can to help spread the word!


I missed the mixer, but I'd like to see the presentation.

Please click HERE for the presentation

Is McNichols dog friendly?

Not for the public, however, we do have some furry friends visiting the event on behalf of the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies who have been given special permission to be inside!

Is electricity available at McNichols?

Yes - if you have requested and paid for electricity at your booth, it will be dropped to you.

Does McNichols have wifi?

No - we do not have access to wifi.  Please plan to rely on your cellular network or hotspot.

Still Have Questions???

Feel free to reach out to us anytime with questions or concerns.

Email: Phone: 323-989-2278