Pasadena Activities

Jackalope Pasadena Indie Artisan Fair Workshops and Activities

Pasadena Workshops & Activities Fall 2017:

Bullseye Glass Resource Center

Join Bullseye Glass Resource Center who will be doing live demonstrations throughout the weekend about the creative process of glass fusing and kiln formed glass products! The demos include screen printing powdered glass on sheet glass to create design imagery and more. 

Price: Free

Location: Please visit our information booth for location details. 


Pinots Palette

Want to become an artist yourself? You are in luck, Pinots Palette Pasadena will be at the fair each day offering $10 canvas painting workshops. 

Price: $10

Location: Please visit our information booth for location details. 



Banter & Bliss Reed Diffuser Workshop

Work with one of our makers to learn our methods, tips and tricks to create your own custom scented reed diffuser! Workshop lasts about 45 minutes, you can reserve your spot in advance from 11am-2pm OR stop by our booth at the Fair — we'll be accepting walk up appointments all day long!

Price: $25, Pre-registration is available from 11am-2pm each day

Location: Booth #17

Pinch Pots with Cobalt and Clay

Using ancient hand building techniques guest will form their very own pots to take home the same day.

Price: Free

Location: Please visit our information booth for location details. 


Eclectic Hoops

Come go with the flow with Eclectic Hoops who will be at the fair each day! Hooping burns 100 calories in 10 minutes. Too fun to feel like exercise. Too beautiful to put down. 

Eclectic Hoops are a collection of hoop concepts, styles and tastes from a broad and diverse range of sources. All hand made in Venice, CA using responsibly sourced materials. 

Price: Please visit Artisan Booth for hoop pricing

Location: Please visit our information booth for location details. 

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