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Pasadena Vendor Logistics

Welcome to the Pasadena Vendor Logistics!  Everything you need for the fair is listed below.
Please SAVE the LINK to this page so you can re-visit it as the fair nears.

You can always reach us with questions:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 323-989-2278

Click the following topics to learn more:

Friday Load-in

Those of you bringing your own tents can come set up on Friday, April 27th between 1pm and 5pm. 
You can also set up any of your display equipment, there will be overnight security. Please bring weights for your tent just in case we are not able to stake your tent until Saturday morning. 

Friday Load-In Streets: Fair Oaks, Dayton or Raymond surrounding the park. 

Saturday Load-in

View the load-in schedule assigned by street and time.  If you cannot load-in your tent on Friday, you were assigned the earliest load-in group on Saturday morning. Please make sure to be on time and use your assigned street.  It is the only way we can get all 200+ vendors loaded in on time! 

DO NOT leave your vehicle in the loading zone while you set up your booth - empty your car and move your vehicle IMMEDIATELY to permanent parking BEFORE set up.

Booth Map

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 12.53.18 PM.png

Vendor Loading Pass

When you arrive, please CHECK IN at our Information booth. Make sure your loading pass is displayed on your vehicle's dashboard as soon as you arrive to the park.

Loading Pass:  Print a copy of our Loading Pass and place it on your vehicle's dash.  Meters are purchased along Raymond, Dayton and Fair Oaks with "No Parking" signs posted for you to use during select hours. Remember to use your assigned street.

Please note: Jackalope is not responsible for tickets received due to illegal parking during load in & out.  Please follow directions to avoid fines!  

Sunday Load-Out

1) Pack up your items FIRST
2) Go get your vehicle. 

*Remember to be swift and courteous to your fellow vendors, as there are more of you than there are spaces around the park. 

Do NOT pack up early, the event is strictly 10am-5pm. Vendors who pack up early won't be welcome back.

Tent Weights & Rentals

All rented items will be at your booth upon arrival on Saturday morning.  Tents will be set up on Friday afternoon, if you are renting a tent please do not come Friday. 

Please note: Per city requirements, we will be staking & zip tying all tents together either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. If you set up your tent on Friday, please bring weights for Friday evening in case we cannot stake.

Do not remove the zip ties that we place between event days. 

Overnight / Security

You may leave your tent and display materials up overnight between event days.  We suggest you pack up merchandise and only leave display materials. 

There will be security overnight (both Friday and Saturday nights), but we do not recommend you leave valuable or small items.


After unloading, please move out of the loading zone promptly, making room for the next vendor group.  

We recommend the "Schoolhouse" structure, red "X" below.  Entrance on Green St. and $6 all day.  Meters surrounding the park are reserved during event hours and you will get ticketed if you leave your vehicle.

Guest parking: The dark blue "P" box to the right of the park (on Raymond) or any "P&W" lots on the map are free for the first 90 minutes.  All great parking options for guests.

Share additional ATTENDEE INFO with your guests!

Permits & Licensing

All vendors must have the following:

  1. Temporary or Permanent CALIFORNIA'S SELLERS PERMIT from the State Board of Equalization (BOE).  Note: vendors selling prepackaged food may be exempt from this requirement

  2. City of Pasadena Special Event Permit (LA city permit / business license is NOT sufficient) - this permit is $51.  Please note: the $51 fee is waived for any vendor who has an annual Pasadena Business License. If you've already paid for your permit through us, please note that Pasadena does not give us individual permits, but instead issues one blanket event receipt.  If you've paid for your permit, you're all taken care of. If you need this, please contact us ASAP.

Promotional Materials

Various sizes of promotional graphics are downloadable:


Nearby hotel options:


I missed the mixer, but I'd like to see the presentation.

Please click here for the presentation

Is Central Park dog friendly?

Yep! However, please keep your pup on-leash at all times.

Is electricity available at Central Park?

No - there is no access to electricity for any vendors

Does Central Park have wifi?

No - please plan to rely on your cellular network.

Is there water and food available?

We will have water for sale at our information booth for $1. There will also be a selection of food trucks at the fair each day (including coffee!). Find the food truck listing at:

Additional Opportunities & Promotions

Contribute to the Jackalope Boutique

At the fair, we often have many makers who create special "jackalope" themed items.  We love highlighting these awesome creations and would like to feature them all together in our own "jackalope themed" booth at the front of the fair.  

One of each jackalope themed item will be on display and labeled with the artist name, price, and booth number.  If someone is interested in purchasing your item, we'll send them your way!  We won't actually sell your products, this is just a fun way to give you some extra promotion and to spread some jackalope love.

Jackalope Boutique items can be brought directly to us at the fair before 10am on Saturday, April 28th.

However, we'll need you to email us an image, along with the title and price of your item at least one week before the fair.  Please email info to

Note: If you do send us your Jackalope Boutique item early, we will do an Instagram Story, sharing your item and tagging you in the story.

Grab Bag Contribution

Who doesn't LOVE grab bags?!  We will be offering the first 25 people who check in at the info booth on BOTH Saturday and Sunday a Jackalope Tote filled with special finds. A great way to promote yourself and send people to your booth right away!

Please make sure that all grab bag items have a monetary value. Sorry but no business cards, it needs to be a special gift! Need some ideas? Just ask us! 

Grab bag items are due by Sunday, April 22nd.  Please mail items to Jackalope Arts 314 S. Sunset Place Monrovia CA 91016 and include a note letting us know that your package is for the grab bags.

You can include as many items as you want for the grab bags.  We have 50 total bags -- so you can provide items for as many bags as you want, must do a MINIMUM OF 10 BAGS.

Promotions Contest: Win a Free Booth at the Next Jackalope

We want to offer something to those of you who really put in an effort to help promote the fair to your social networks and followers.  

Be entered into a drawing to win a free 10x10 booth space at the next Jackalope Pasadena event.  Must get 5 points, each step is worth 1 point, except for #3, which is worth 2 points.

What you can do:

  • INSTAGRAM: Make an instagram post using our fair hashtag #jackalopepasadena

  • INSTAGRAM: Post an instagram story and tag @jackalopeartfair

  • EMAIL BLAST: Send out an email blast to your network about the fair.  Be sure to include in your newsletter list so we get the email! *This is worth 2 points!

  • TWITTER: Tag @jackalopefair in a tweet / use our #jackalopepasadena hashtag

  • FACEBOOK: Share our Facebook Event on your Facebook Business Page and Invite your friends to attend.

  • FACEBOOK: Tag 5 friends in the comments section of our official event.

  • FLYER POSTING: Email us a photo of where you’ve dropped a poster or postcards.

All of your 5 points must be done between April 2nd and April 25th in order to be entered into the contest. Please note you can only do each step once. 

Mass Social Media Post

Copy of Copy of Free sandwiches for everyone!.png

Let’s flood social media together!  We will be doing a social media takeover leading up to the fair! How this will work is that on the same day, we will all post about the fair and use this graphic.

Please use our fair hashtag #jackalopepasadena and mark your calendars for THURSDAY, APRIL 26th.

If you would like, feel free to use this caption:

Looking forward to #jackalopepasadena this weekend, "Company Name" will be there from 10am-5pm both Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th. This event is free and family friendly.  Can't wait to see you there!

Jackalope Gift Cards

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.25.48 AM.png

If you receive a gift card that looks like this, please accept as a form of payment. We will be handing these out to contest winners, staff etc. so you may get one!

You can come up to the info booth at any time during the fair to be reimbursed.

Booth Assignments:

See below for your booth number and assigned load-in street and time.
Example: ARTISAN NAME: Booth # / Load-in Street / Load-in Time

1980who: 69 /Raymond / 7:00-7:30

(imagine they all look like 1980who... or something)

3rd Season191Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

A wholesome Home147Raymond7:30-8:00

A.L.J Skincare28Dayton7:00-7:30

Afternoon Par-Tea64Dayton7:30-8:00

alix and b192Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

Aloha Mon Ami69Raymond7:00-7:30


Amborella Organics16Dayton6:00-6:30

Anemoi Studio139Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Antlery150Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Arroyo Seco Woodcraft7Dayton7:00-7:30

Art By Barbi190Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Art of Josey Tsao70Raymond7:30-8:00

Ashes To Ashes Co172Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Autumn Teneyl Designs176
177Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Bali Prema53Dayton8:30-9:00

Banter & Bliss Candle Co.134Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Banzai Jerky111Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Beatrice Holiday180Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

BEE Green Honey22Dayton6:00-6:30

Belly BombzstreetFair Oaks9:00-9:30

Benjees Eyewear44Dayton8:00-8:30

Betsey Carter Ceramics173Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Bill Green Studios62Dayton8:00-8:30

Billy GoGo42Dayton7:00-7:30


Black Mountain Ceramics52Dayton7:00-7:30

Blonde Peacock155Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

BO & EROS89Raymond8:00-8:30

Bobo Jewelry199Fair Oaks6:30-7:00


Booty Farm169Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Bow & Harrow Workshop36Dayton8:00-8:30

Boxwood Fashion59Raymond6:00-6:30

Brew Doctor Kombuchasee mapFair Oaks8:30-9:00

Brighter Future CharitiesEFair Oaks8:30-9:00

Broadway Baker1Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

Brown Bag Books - Mobile Booksellers201Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

Bullseye Glass Resource CenterCFair Oaks8:30-9:00

CA SOULS92Raymond6:30-7:00

Califia Farmssee mapFair Oaks8:30-9:00

California Rediscovered19Dayton7:30-8:00

Camellias and Curls58Raymond7:00-7:30

CAPRICORN-PRESS202Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

Carla De La Cruz Jewelry183Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

Casa De Brisasee mapFair Oaks8:00-8:30

CatBox Art Studio41Dayton7:00-7:30

Celeste's Jalapeno Relish14Dayton6:00-6:30

Cheltenham Road61Dayton8:00-8:30

CHIME204Fair Oaks8:00-8:30


Clarke & Barba56Dayton8:00-8:30

clau178Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

Clay & Fabric76Raymond7:00-7:30


Cobalt and ClayBFair Oaks8:30-9:00

Comay Studios106Raymond6:00-6:30

Comfy Socks30Dayton7:00-7:30

Corkie and Pepper72Dayton6:30-7:00

Corrin Ceramics146Raymond6:30-7:00

Curiouser74113Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Cute Laces149Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

d.f.c. candles64Dayton7:30-8:00

Dapper + Crown Clothing Co.68Raymond7:30-8:00

Deaf Man's BBQ Sauce12Dayton7:00-7:30

DeLight from Paris21Dayton6:00-6:30

Dhameehahn Jewelry78Raymond6:00-6:30


District Mot Kids210Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

Draw(n) Out214Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

Dreamy CreationsstreetFair Oaks9:00-9:30

Drunken Cake Pops20Dayton8:30-9:00

Duchess and Goose157Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Earth Sage Jewelry27Dayton7:30-8:00

Ebb and Flow Crafts76Raymond7:00-7:30

Eclectic Hoopssee mapFair Oaks8:30-9:00

Eddy & Scout169Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Edison Army203Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

EKP Creations182Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

Elegant Signs104Raymond7:30-8:00


Elliot Valentine Design18Dayton6:00-6:30

Enchanted Leaves121Dayton6:30-7:00

Erin Garey Art & Illustration172Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Erin Vaughan Illustration35Dayton6:30-7:00

Erva Yerba Mate6Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

Etonomous179Fair Oaks6:00-6:30


FOOCHILAND193Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Forever Love Flowers32Dayton6:00-6:30

Four Letter Word Cards96Dayton8:30-9:00

Four Points Trading Co116Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Front Porch Popssee mapFair Oaks9:00-9:30

Fun Club63Dayton7:00-7:30

Fuzzie Dot175Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Ghoulish Bunny Studios85Dayton6:30-7:00


Go Play Clay88Dayton8:30-9:00

Hanna LA Handmade82Raymond8:00-8:30

Hapertas & Company165Raymond6:30-7:00

happi*ness handcrafted131Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Heirlooms Ect187Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Hello Harlot144Raymond8:00-8:30

Hemlock ParkAFair Oaks8:30-9:00

Honey Belle54Dayton6:30-7:00

Hudson River Inlay168Raymond6:00-6:30

Human Tree Robot114Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Hungry NomadstreetFair Oaks9:00-9:30

Imperfect Producesee mapRaymond8:30-9:00

Infinity Sauces109Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

Ink & Pine166Raymond6:30-7:00

Jane Gotts Handmade72Dayton6:30-7:00

Jason Jeter Art143Raymond6:30-7:00

Jean Franklin146Raymond6:30-7:00


Julie Horton Photography151Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Jungle Paints66Raymond6:30-7:00

Junkyard Jewelry43Dayton7:30-8:00

Just Jan's2Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

Kaboom Kettle Kornsee mapRaymond8:30-9:00

Kat Renee45Dayton8:00-8:30

Kathie Studio209Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

Katie Newell Jewelry83Dayton7:30-8:00

keumsook hahn136Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Key Flame Candle Co.37Dayton6:30-7:00

KogistreetFair Oaks9:00-9:30

Komakai Jewelry211Fair Oaks8:00-8:30



Laura Ann's Jams13Dayton7:00-7:30

Lavender and Canvas81Raymond6:00-6:30

Le Biz Boutique126Raymond6:30-7:00


LENUS Handcrafted47Raymond6:00-6:30

Lesley Goren137Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Letters By Phi101Dayton8:30-9:00

Light Legion197Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

Lil Be10Dayton7:30-8:00

Little Libellule Savonnerie99Dayton6:30-7:00

Little Pieces105Raymond8:30-9:00

Local Girl ~ Jewelry With A Purpose49Raymond7:30-8:00

Loschy Designs206Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Lou Sarg Woodwork92Raymond6:00-6:30

Love & Snow125Raymond8:00-8:30

Love You Sew Bowtique140Raymond7:00-7:30

Lu + Elle128Raymond8:00-8:30

Luna Baby Toys99Dayton7:30-8:00

Luz de Mano171Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Lyd & Mosee mapFair Oaks8:30-9:00

Mary HurleyDFair Oaks8:30-9:00


Maya's Brigadeiro Brazilian Sweets113Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Mei Elizabeth167Raymond6:30-7:00

Metro Bike Sharesee mapRaymond8:30-9:00


Mike Matola162Raymond6:30-7:00


Mind Flow HypnosisSee info booth for locationFair Oaks8:30-9:00


Misty Jane Jewelry9Dayton7:30-8:00

Mod's Best Friend97Dayton8:30-9:00

Moli Sola Handmade115Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Mombie Zombie198Fair Oaks8:00-8:30


Moss Follows75Dayton8:00-8:30

Mt. Marten48Raymond7:00-7:30

MXM Jewelry & Design186Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

N E S W Wax Co164Raymond6:30-7:00

Nam Prik Chili Hot Sauce112Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Nathan Murrell Studio71Raymond6:00-6:30

Natures Kindle93Raymond6:00-6:30

NEOCLASSICS138Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Nerdy but Still Girly174Fair Oaks8:00-8:30


No Tox Life90Raymond8:00-8:30

Noshkins, Inc.29Dayton7:30-8:00


O & M Leather50Raymond7:00-7:30

O'Casey Creations57Raymond7:30-8:00

Olivo195Fair Oaks6:30-7:00


p.o.p. candy co.3Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

Paddlewood Designs132Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Paisley and Eloise185Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Paper Arboretum39Dayton6:30-7:00

Pasadena Humane SocietyRaymondRaymond8:30-9:00

PATTRASHOME189Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

Peyote Coyote17Dayton6:00-6:30

Pigeon Tree Crafting87Dayton8:30-9:00

Pistache Skincare170Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Pliers & String Jewelry Atelier51Dayton7:00-7:30

Plush Puffs Marshmellow24Dayton6:00-6:30

Pretty and Perky213Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Propers Pickle110Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

Quigley Ceramics188Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

Quirks & Smirks184Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Rambler Handcrafted161Raymond6:30-7:00

Rancho Deluxe136Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Rascal Joy118Dayton8:30-9:00

Renewal By Andersensee mapRaymond8:30-9:00

Rock n' Roll PizzastreetFair Oaks9:00-9:30

Rockin' Rubs4Fair Oaks6:30-7:00


Ronin Leather119Dayton8:30-9:00

RxCandles207Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

S. Kanouni98Dayton6:30-7:00

Sacred LA129Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Salayi Designs Jewelry135Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

Sarah DeAngelo Jewelry152Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Sarah Elliott Jewelry33Dayton7:30-8:00

Seven Barrels26Dayton8:30-9:00

Sharon Kaplan Jewelry83Dayton7:30-8:00

Signature Innovation Group46Dayton8:00-8:30

Simonette David Jackson107Raymond8:00-8:30

Sir Owlverick'ssee mapRaymond8:30-9:00

Sixth & Co.117Fair Oaks6:00-6:30

Sketchy Notions133Fair Oaks7:00-7:30

SLAMMIN SLIDERSstreetFair Oaks9:00-9:30

Sofia Samarah Photography208Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Somer Manner Art77Raymond7:30-8:00


Soup Bazaarsee mapFair Oaks8:30-9:00


Story Spark122Raymond8:00-8:30

Studio Vesce38Dayton6:30-7:00

Sweet Llamita55Dayton8:00-8:30

Sweets Indeed5Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Swing Dash130Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Tania Design & Art161Raymond6:30-7:00

Terra Verde Foods11Fair Oaks8:30-9:00

The Angry Mushroom Emporium124Raymond8:00-8:30

The Balm Shop & Co.154Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

The Belle & Beast Organics205Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

The Faint Hearted Jewelry103Raymond6:00-6:30

The Indigo Tribe51Dayton7:00-7:30

The Pretty Eclectic163Raymond7:30-8:00

Thyme to Garden160Fair Oaks8:30-9:00

TIFF WU28Dayton7:00-7:30

Unisoy Vegan Jerky15Dayton6:00-6:30

Unneeded: Home Goods159Raymond7:30-8:00

Urbana Sacs67Raymond7:30-8:00

Uyeno Miyoshi79Raymond6:00-6:30

VAMVAS eco-friendly shoes31Dayton6:00-6:30

Vanny Orchards123Raymond6:00-6:30

Vi Ling Designs158Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Vibe Catchers91Raymond8:00-8:30

Waffling Aroundsee mapRaymond8:30-9:00

Wag City Clothing49Raymond7:30-8:00

Wallflower Chocolate23Dayton8:30-9:00

Waynes Woodcrafts142Raymond8:00-8:30

Wee Monster102Raymond7:30-8:00

Whimsical Charm196Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

Wild Terra Botanicals84Dayton8:00-8:30

Winks212Fair Oaks8:00-8:30

WM Craftworks194Fair Oaks6:30-7:00

WORD FOR WORD86Dayton8:30-9:00

Zazu Faure/Los Angeles153Fair Oaks7:30-8:00

Zeigler'ssee mapRaymond8:30-9:00

Zina Designs145Raymond,