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Denver Vendor Spotlight: Lostgirl Metalworks

Meet Robbi Farscman of lostgirl Metalworks.

While working as a community organizer on the east coast in the early 2000s, I started making jewelry as a hobbyist. Then, it was bead work, including those I made with polymer clay, and the focus was on design – which leaned solidly towards the asymmetrical and quirky. I gave everything as a gift, and when folks told me, “You should sell,” I would laugh and respond with a hearty “No!”

My work later took me to New England, where I continued designing (and giving away) jewelry in my spare time. The reception was similar to that from down south, though “You should sell!” was met with a more tentative “Nooo….” When I relocated to NY in 2008 and heard the same encouragement, I said “Damn right!” (I can be a bit slow on the uptake at times…)

Tribe Tribute II necklace side.jpg


My first metalworking course was a two-week one called “Rings and Things.” I babbled about it for months beforehand – some might have said ad nauseam – and couldn’t wait for the first day. After seven hours in the studio, I came home defeated and answered the expectant question of “Did you love it?!” with “Not really…”

Evolution Breach ring.jpg

Sawing metal was a pain, and I broke blades quicker than you could blink. (Later, I learned that having the right blade for the gauge of metal you’re cutting makes a world of difference!) My soldering skills were also pretty tragic, and the little pieces would jump off the metal whenever the torch flame would get anywhere close. I considered ditching the whole affair after the first day. But I’m pretty determined by nature, so I went back. The second day was a little better, and by the end of the third, I was hooked and began dreaming about my “next life” in metal.  

In February 2012, with only two metalsmithing courses under my belt, a basic skill-set (to say the least!), and just two pairs of pliers in my toolbox, I decided my next life started then and I made the leap to be a full-time artist. Shortly thereafter, lostgirl Metalworks – a nod to my tendency to wander, shun roots and find inspiration on the unknown path – was launched.  

Like the way I live my life, my work tends to be experimental in nature, with middle-of-the-night visions constructed (sometimes awkwardly) in metal the next day.

I work primarily in sterling, though copper and bits of gold find their way into my work, and drool-worthy stones are the norm. Much of my current line contains bold pieces that celebrate both structure and the beauty of decay. (I think of them as modern heirlooms.)

Wings Found earrings.jpg

Life-by-hand, as I call it, isn’t always an easy journey. Some days are smooth sailing and others are complete melt-downs (literally, if I keep my torch on something for two seconds too long). On the smooth days, I leave the studio invigorated and excited to return. On the others, I remind myself that I am a maker, not a machine, and nothing that I do will ever be perfect (though that doesn’t stop me from trying!). 

Whichever the day, I have no doubt that I’m fortunate to have the freedom to create whatever crazy comes to mind and continue to find my voice.

Pasadena Vendor Spotlight: Love & Snow


What inspired you to get started with Love & Snow?
As a natural enthusiast, and having been part of the essential oil industry for over a decade, Love & Snow 100% Natural Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum was the solution to a personal multi-decade long struggle with scalp and hair issues.  Itchy, flaky scalp due to dandruff, and frizzy, dry, brittle hair that would excessively shed, had been problems from a young age.  After years of trying every possible medicated, professional, and off the shelf product available, I developed allergies to synthetic, chemical ingredients found in many products.        

What do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own? 
In the wake of increasing  awareness about chemicals and preservatives in many commercial personal care products and how they can harm the body; Love & Snow 100% Natural, Hair and Scalp Serum helps make choosing an effective, quality  natural alternative easier.  As a multi-functional concentrated serum, Love & Snow addresses not only hair and scalp concerns but also can be used as an aftershave alternative. 

Love & Snow_Growing Among Nature.jpg

Love & Snow ingredients are sourced from their country of origin where they are most potent; then the serum is handcrafted in Los Angeles to create an exceptional product.  Created for those, like myself, with sensitivities and allergies in mind, Love & Snow contains no parabens, no chemicals, no fragrance, and no synthetics.

Love & Snow_Ice.jpg

What sort of things inspire you?  Where do you look for inspiration?
I am inspired by all trailblazers who pioneer their own path and created their own lane, whose contributions are widely beneficial to others. Individuals, organizations, brands, and companies who strive to craft quality, natural creations without harmful ingredients continue to motivate me in creating the best possible effective and pure products. 

Where can we learn more about you?  
More information about Love & Snow and our goals and visions can be found at  A glimpse into some of our customer experiences can be found both on our website and our Instagram feed @therealloveandsnow