Jackalope Arts Volunteers


Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair is currently seeking volunteers to assist with our upcoming events. Volunteer opportunities range from set-up and trash pick-up, to vendor check-in and relief and providing information and direction to guests!

Jackalope could not happen without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers. Volunteers work throughout the Fair in various capacities. These positions are unpaid but will provide priceless experience and each volunteer will receive a Jackalope Arts canvas tote bag! It takes hard work to make the Fair a fun experience for the thousands who attend, and our volunteers are the public face of the Fair.

All volunteer positions require individuals who can complete the requested number of hours in a given shift. Volunteers will be placed in assignments best suited to their interest and capabilities. Bottled water and snacks will be available for volunteers. Volunteers are required to review and sign a waiver of liability.

Volunteer Assignments Include:

  • Fair Set Up & Tear Down

  • Volunteer Check-In Desk

  • Jackalope info desk

  • General Clean Up

  • Greeters and Directional Support

  • Craft Area & Workshop Helpers

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