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Location Location Location!

During our first few months of planning, we checked out many parks and facilities around the Los Angeles area.  Some awesome gems in the mix, others… not so much.  So many parks are residential --- or in downtown areas where they are characterized with the smell of pee.  With that being said, it took a lot of research to finally find the perfect fit. 

We landed at Central Park in Old Town Pasadena and knew right away that this was the place for us.  


After hitting so many fairs and markets around town with booths set up on hot hot pavement, we welcomed the grass and tree-lined environment providing shade and a sense of cool.

Going back to our mission of integrating the local community into our events, we especially love how centrally located in the heart of Old Town this park is. There is definitely a community vibe!  


After eating at the Luggage Room, with a view of the park right from their patio - we're pretty happy to be a neighbor of theirs.  That avocado, sun-dried tomato, lemon zest pizza was pretty unbeatable! 

The other thing that makes this location awesome?  Parking.  There are TONS of nearby lots for shoppers.  Even free 90 minute structures.  Check out this cool compilation of parking choices we found in google maps.  And for non-drivers: it's right across the street from the Del Mar stop on the gold line.  

We're super excited to make Central Park in Pasadena our home and can't wait to share all of the festivities with you this coming April!