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Vendor Spotlight: MyLO by Toni Franco

How would you describe your style?  
I would say my style is Simple, clean- cut and unique with a touch of wow! I like my designs to be different. A piece of me goes into each of my designs; whether it'd be Swarovski Elements, lace, interlaced straps, studs, hand stitching, flowers or bow appliqués, they have my personal touch and detail. I like clean and detailed decor. I don't like too much of one thing or something flashy. I like fancy and delicate.

Are there any artists / designers that you particularly look up to? 
es! Louis Vuitton! He is amazing! His style and cuts are unique, clean and just perfect. If I'm explaining myself right. 

What do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?
Prayer- I pray for guidance and creativity; God responds with visual pictures in my head of my next creation. He knows me best, therefore, He gives me ideas that depict exactly what I like and who I am. Even though, sometimes I don't even know myself. 

What sort of things inspire you?  Where do you look for inspiration? 
Colors and Nature inspire me. The Creator is the Designer of designers and there's so much inspiration all around us; in this Universe. Just pay attention to the intricate details and precise design on the flowers, sea life, and the birds.  The inspiration in His creations are just limitless!! 

When do you feel the most creative?
Definitely at night, when my body is really tired but my mind just keep on going and going. 

What is your creative process like?
I don't think I have a process of creativity. When a picture of a design pops in my head, I just draw it on paper then make the leather cut out for that specific pattern. And begin sewing it. I know, it sounds boring but that's basically it. I don't sit on the drawing board, cutting or sewing patterns for hours and finally come up with the product desired. 

What's the coolest artistic tip you've ever received?
Oh my! I haven't been doing this for long. Up until last August, I didn't even know how turn a sewing machine on, let alone design or sew anything for that matter. I haven't had a chance to really speak to designers, but I'm looking forward to meeting some great ones here. 

Where can we learn more about you?
Instagram and my website:

Shop MyLO by Toni Fanco at Jackalope Art & Craft Fair on November 7th and 8th at Central Park in Old Pasadena.