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Craft Fair To Do's

As we approach our application deadline for our Spring Pasadena Fair (Sunday!) we will soon be notifying all accepted vendors, which poses the question...what happens next? Well for the Jackalope Team, that means we will be in full throttle promotion mode. All of our awesome sponsors will be helping to spread the word and we will set our marketing plan in action. However each event is a joint effort and there are things that vendors can also do to better guarantee a successful show.

1. Confirm: First and foremost definitely complete your acceptance packet, we will be emailing all vendors some simple steps that need to be completed to get your payment and confirmation, rentals, and permit processing in order. 

2. Permits: We will take care of your Pasadena Temporary Business License, however you will need to secure your California Resellers Permit (its free!)                                                                

If you are a food vendor you will also be required to obtain an Event Health Permit and we will be helping you with that process.

3. Production:  We think Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids said it best, "Get your S*** together Carol!" Although your name may not be Carol, we feel this still applies. You want to make sure you have enough inventory ready (more the merrier), signage and business cards, and a sound display (tables, table cloths etc). Your display is your first impression so you want to make it solid.  You can read more tips and ideas on our Looking vs. Buying Blog

 We love this To Do List on Etsy by  BoyGirlParty ! 

We love this To Do List on Etsy by BoyGirlParty

4. Promote Promote Promote: Just think about it, having 200 people talk about an event is more powerful than just a handful. Follow Jackalope Arts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest that way you can remain in the loop and share any exciting news! We will also begin artist features so you want to keep on the lookout for when you may appear in the newsfeed :)

Apart from Social Media Promotion, we will have Flyers available to hand out at our Artisan Mixer, so if you want to take a few and pass em out, even better! Also if you have a website where you post upcoming events, make sure to include Jackalope. That way your followers and fans know where they can find you. You can even launch a new product at the fair or offer an exclusive discount to help drum up support!

5. Payment Methods: Make sure you get change if you are accepting cash and store it someplace safe. Also look into setting up a credit payment system, Paypal or Square card readers are great. 

6. Fair Time: Load up the night before and do a mock set up, that way you can pack smart and get straight to business upon arrival. We will include load in/out information as we get closer, but think about including a rolling cart or dolly to help. Also include scissors, string, pens, tape, anything "random" that may come in handy for display. Its important to remain hydrated so make sure to bring water, and don't skip lunch! You want to remain friendly and approachable so don't let a hungry stomach hold you down.

We hope you are as excited as we are for our inaugural Spring 2015 Pasadena Fair! Whether you are a vendor or shopper we hope to see you out on April 25th and 26th in Old Pasadena, Central Park :)