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Meet the Jackalope Jurors: Lindsay Viker

Q. What did you like most about Jackalopes Holiday show and what are you looking forward to in this Springs Event?

A. My favorite part about the holiday show was buying Christmas gifts for all my family and friends! It was really awesome to tell them about the person who handmade the special product they were enjoying so much. This spring, I want to shop for myself! I saw a lot of great home items, jewelry pieces, and yummy treats that I am excited to try. 

Q. What do you gravitate to while shopping at Jackalope and similar events around town?

A. I love things that are different from anything else I've seen before. One of my favorite items is the dinosaur plants from Peabo Pots. How can you not be happy at work if you have one of those cute guys sitting on your desk?! 

Q: How did you get into your position in the arts & crafts world?

A. I began Couture in the Suburbs when I was in college as a way to discover the local fashion industry around me. With the recent expansion into art, I hope to make Couture in the Suburbs the single online destination for learning more about the local industry here in Arizona.

It’s a self-appointed position, but I get validation every day through the audience that comes and enjoys the content my team and I feature on the website.

Q. How do you see the handmade community evolving in Phoenix? 

A. I see the handmade community becoming more and more professional. Several artists have been able to transition their craft from a hobby to a full-time career and that is incredibly inspiring.