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Treats for the Kiddos at Jackalope Pasadena

Whether you are a mother, father, aunt, uncle, shopping for kids is the best! We have put together a handful of items that we believe are must haves. 

Corgi Booty Pillow


Booty Farm
Price: $35                                           
Whether you are a corgi lover or not, your little one will love this plush pillow! Never hear another complaint about nap time again. There is even a pocket in the back for a book or tablet.


Gourmet Candy Kabob

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 2.42.34 PM.png

Sweets Indeed
Price: $29.40 (Quantity of 6)             
Want to be the fun aunt or uncle? Gift your niece or nephew these Candy Kabobs and you are guaranteed that much desired title! Or take your kids birthday party to the next level with these awesome party favors.


Magnetic Closure Baby Bandana Bib


Rascal Joy
Price: $12                                           
Stylish and functional! Handmade with a magnetic closure, there will be no more fussing with button snaps and Velcro when you try to put bibs on the baby.


Coloring Book                                                       


Price: $12                                                          Tired of watching Moana for the millionth time?  Treat your kids to the very first Squshies coloring book and they will be entertained for hours (we hope!). Find 24 different Squshies for them to apply their creativity to.


Argyle diamond Shoelaces


Cute Laces
Price: $7.99                                         
Want to impress your kids with how "in" you are? Give them the gift of hip shoelaces and they will be thoroughly impressed. Why wear plain shoelaces, when you could be wearing Cute Laces!


Felt Sushi Play Food

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 4.56.18 PM.png

Price: $30                                           
Sushi can be enjoyed at any age! Introduce your kiddos to new foods with these felt sushi rolls. The black seaweed wrap even has a small velcro tab that allows your little one to assemble the shrimp, egg or rolled sushi.

Adventure Pack


Billy Go Go
Price: $49.99                                       
Send your kiddo to their next play date in style! Strap on this backpack made with Durable nylon lining and Zipper-free hook-and-loop closures, this backpack will withstand all the adventures to come.

Make Waves Trucker Hat

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 5.02.33 PM.png

Paisley and Eloise
Price: $27                                           
Offering both sun protection and style this Make Waves Trucker Hat is the perfect accessory. With an adjustable snap closure and soft terry material, your little one will never want to take this off!

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