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The Story of Behind the Jackalope

The Jackalope is and always has been a mysterious creature.  One many have heard of, but few have ever seen alive.  

 Image courtesy  Emily Ecton

Image courtesy Emily Ecton

Some of our favorite Jackalopian myths:

1. Jackalopes only mate when lightning flashes - hence their scarcity

2. The best way to catch a jackalope is to lure it with whiskey 

3. Colorado home to the most common jackalope sightings.  (Future home for a Jackalope Art Fair, perhaps?)

4. A jackalope hunting license can be obtained from the Douglas, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce

5. The German cousin to the jackalope is known as a Wolperdinger

More than anything, the jackalope is basically a bad-ass.  A "warrior-rabbit" of sorts.  The jackalope is both fast as the wind and ready for anything that may come his way.  What could be a better mascot for our newly formed DIY art & craft fair than a jackalope?  Thus, came the name, Jackalope Arts.      

 Image courtesy:  Cryptomundo

Image courtesy: Cryptomundo


Keep your eyes peeled.  You just might see a jackalope or two in Central Park, Old Town Pasadena come April...