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Christmas is Coming!

The holidays are right around the corner and for me that means it is now socially acceptable to watch Elf on DVD! For most other Jackalopes, the holidays also signify the start of the busy season. It is not unheard of to sell in one month, the same amount of inventory you sold over the course of that entire year.  As a DIYer and crafter there are certain things that you can do to better ensure your holiday success. Here we have generated a few tips on how to keep up with the holiday season and take full advantage of this prime-shopping time.

1.    Have Great Product Photography:

This is especially important if you tend to do most of your selling online (you Etsy users!). Now this doesn’t mean you have to hire a professional photographer, but it is important to have a clear visual of your product. Make sure the backdrop is not too cluttered, and possibly show different angles. If you are a designer, it is also a good idea to show a model wearing you accessory or garment.

2.     Have a Current and Updated Website:

You don’t want someone to reach out about a certain product, come to find out that it has been discontinued.

3.    Know your Competitors:

This gives you a better idea on how to price your items realistically-not just how much you think they are worth, but what they will sell for.

4.    Offer Varying Price Points:

You are more inclined to spend more money for your best friend then you are your son’s teacher. Make sure you address both!

5.    Practice Great Customer Service:

Be quick to respond.  Especially with the holiday rush, people need to know how to plan accordingly.

6.    Have Packaging Available:

Ask if it is for a gift or not. This will add a personal touch. Make sure to include your business card in there as well :)

7.    Have Enough Inventory:

You don’t want to make a customer mad by not having what they want.  This also goes along with keeping your website up to date.

Remember you can always keep the leftovers in your inventory for next year. Possibly at our Spring 2015 Fair?! Or, if you made way too much of one thing, run a holiday special! If you do a lot of fairs, this point is especially important. You do not want your booth to look empty!

8.    Embrace the Holidays:

Just as a certain song can trigger your memory about a past event- there can be visual reminders as well. Maybe play some holiday music or use some holiday coloring in your signage!

Denver Artist Jana Hope embraced the holiday spirit in her display! You can see more of Jana  Here

Denver Artist Jana Hope embraced the holiday spirit in her display! You can see more of Jana Here

The holidays can be overwhelming, but just keep your head in the game and remember soon enough it will be April 25th and we will be in Central Park Pasadena kicking off our Jackalope Arts and Craft Fair :)