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Vendor Spotlight: Bear Gallery

How would you describe your style?  Are there any artists / designers that you particularly look up to? 
I seem to really like poppy, colorful paintings with a dark edge/meaning to them. But not always! I feel that I'm just beginning to find a direction for myself as an artist. I've always loved Esao Andrew's work and attention to detail.


What do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own? 
I strive to create artwork that is usable and/or wearable. After painting custom Vans full time for about 8 years, I started custom painting guitars. Painting canvases just hasn't been a part of my agenda.. yet, at least. 


When do you feel the most creative?
My routine of waking up in the morning, get a fresh pot of joe brewing, a nice big breakfast, then getting to work, makes me feel super motivated. Which I realize isn't very special.. but for me, it's as simple as an awesome breakfast with Dunkin Donuts coffee. 

What sort of things inspire you?  Where do you look for inspiration?
I have some really talented friends that are going to school for art. I love seeing their work and picking their brain for advice. Seeing what my friends can do and hearing what they have to say about my work is inspiring to me. 


SHOP Bear Gallery at our upcoming Jackalope Art & Craft Fair at Central Park in Pasadena CA on April 25th & 26th from 11:00am to 6:00pm.