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Vendor Spotlight: Bevruwink

How would you describe your style?  Are there any artists / designers that you particularly look up to? 
I think the work I make reflects the edgy forward thinking of the west coast combined with a quirky sensibility that I attribute to my Dutch roots. I am a huge fan of Dutch Design, which often imbues the practical with humor and a frankness that is refreshing.

I came to ceramics after a life of making and a crafts background but not having ever studied it.  My dad was and is a ceramicist and until just recently, all I knew I learned from just being around him.  Previously (and still!), I made mostly larger scale sculptural and wall pieces and still the things I make are very much inspired by sculpture. I think of them as sculptures to wear or sculptures to live with.   Brancusi brings me to tears. Cy Twombly, Calder, the Bauhaus and particularly the textiles, Eva Hesse, and as of late, I have been really into Sonia Delauney.  Everyone is suddenly into the Memphis Group and I cannot deny an affection for them, Ettore Sottsass is genius. 


What do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own
I don’t take myself too seriously!  There are way too many things happening in our world that bring me down and I want to make pieces that bring some brevity to the world. 

I strive to make pieces that provide a little lightness, make you smile, there's always a little humor or a wink involved.  The pieces I make are unique & clearly handmade to combat our world of mass-produced sameness.

What sort of things inspire you?  Where do you look for inspiration?
Being in LA for 11 years now I draw a lot of my inspiration by these sprawling urban mongrel; from the street signs, to graffiti on the stairs and walls in my hood, to the architecture and our dessert foliage. I particularly love the patterns that emerge after the graffiti has been painted over as the colors never match exactly.  If I am in a rut, I return to my books, I have an extensive collection of “art books” that range from Andy Goldsworthy to Vik Muniz, to of course, Ken Price.

I also listen to a lot of podcasts such as 99% Invisible, RadioLab, Ted Talks, and Marc Maron.  I dream of becoming interesting enough to be on Marc Maron’s podcast!  Words become very physical to me, I seem to see and think in shapes and forms.

What is your creative process like? 
I learn through making and may make a quick sketch; I often dive right in to build.  I actually see this as a shortcoming and wish I focused on process more but as I work full time, studio time is nights and weekends.  I always reserve time to make new ideas and to play.  My happiest discoveries is when something goes wrong but then you realize it is actually better than you intended and it pushes you into new territory

What's the coolest artistic tip you've ever received?
“Don’t get married until you are a famous artist!” followed by, “If you are a famous artist, why get married?”.  He also included in this list of do’s and don’ts “Don’t make political art”.  This came from an early and very dear to me instructor that I adored whom also never followed his own advice.

Where can we learn more about you?
IG @nicolavruwink

SHOP Bevruwink at our upcoming Jackalope Art & Craft Fair at Central Park in Pasadena CA on April 25th & 26th from 11:00am to 6:00pm.