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What Shoppers Should Expect From You

Surely you've heard the expression to treat your booth as a pop up brick and mortar when preparing and creating a successful booth display. If you haven't, we invite you to read The Perfect Booth Display up on our blog.  In a sea of booths, it is important to find a way to stand out.  

Your booth display is your first impression to shoppers. However, your impression doesn't stop building there.  Just as you would expect from walking into a retail store, shoppers expect certain behaviors and experiences.   You would not want to find trash laying around, or to not be greeted or offered help. For reference, we have put together a list of some common mistakes that can be made and things that you should keep in mind when selling at events. 

1. Keep your booth tidy.  As we mentioned above, it is not attractive to have trash or clutter while shoppers are trying to get a feel for your product. Your booth should reflect your brand in both how it looks and feels.  Make sure you take pride in your work. Have a cohesive display and signage, price tags marked, sufficient product on hand etc. 

Amanda, owner of Mindfulnest and Jackalope Pasadena juror notes; "For me, having a vision with a complete story, your shop will evolve, but your passion needs to tell a story, retail is sight, smell and sound. People remember experiences more than things."

Great booth display by League of Crafty Canines at Jackalope Pasadena. 

Great booth display by League of Crafty Canines at Jackalope Pasadena. 

2. Acknowledge your customer.  No ones likes to be ignored. In fact, in a survey by Sunshine Artist, when asked if the artist talks to you, does that make you more likely to buy something?  83% answered that they like to be talked speak up! It does not mean you have to be obsessive about it but be attentive and anticipate questions. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 1.51.07 PM.png

3. Put your phone down! it is not professional nor polite to be on your phone when someone is shopping at your booth. 

Yes Cocktail Co serving up great customer service at Jackalope Summer Nights

Yes Cocktail Co serving up great customer service at Jackalope Summer Nights

4. Don't Whine. Having a horrible day, or did your significant other do something to really make you angry? Keep it to yourself.  Shoppers do not want to hear your complaining while shopping. Especially if you are having a bad sales day, do not let that affect your ability to sell your product. There is nothing worse than hearing someone complain how slow it is, while there are customers shopping your booth and being ignored. 

5. Have business cards.  This helps to build up your client base post show. It's also super helpful when someone likes your work but can't commit to purchasing it right away.  This way they have a way to get in touch with you and hopefully buy later. Or, if the purchase was a gift, the receiver should have a way of knowing who made their gift. Furthermore, make sure your contact information is correct and current.  Shoppers shouldn't go home to a website that isn't working if they want to browse your site at home.

Sweets Indeed rocking it at Jackalope Pasadena

Sweets Indeed rocking it at Jackalope Pasadena

6. Take Credit Cards and have Change. In today's age, it is best to have a way to accept credit cards since many shoppers do not carry a lot of cash. On the other hand, If you have someone that wants to pay with cash, make sure you have change so you don't have to turn them away. 

7. Do not pack up early!!  This not only effects your ability to make sales but also your booth neighbors. Having you pack up early (even a half hour early) gives the impression that the fair is over and shoppers will begin to leave. Some of the best sales have happened with 5 minutes left. Target or Nordstroms don't close early, so why should you? 

We hope these tips help as you prepare for your next fair. And if you want to read more vendor tips we have more tips and tricks up on our blog!