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What it Means to be a Juried Art & Craft Fair

It is becoming increasingly frequent for art fairs to be juried. Especially with the handmade community on an uprise and more and more artisans and DIY enthusiasts entering into the fair realm. With Jackalope, we believe in our Jury to help guarantee a high quality shopping experience. 

What does it mean to be Juried?

Jackalope has a selection committee review each and every application. The appointed Jury will be seeking artisans who display a high skill set in their respective fields to help keep the content of the fair vibrant and interesting for attendees. Our Jackalope Jury is comprised of local community leaders and not just the fair organizers.  This makes it important to thoroughly fill out your application and include the best possible product and display photos.  Your application is your first and only impression on the Jury, unless they have seen your work in person. 

What exactly does the Jackalope Jury look for in applicants?

The Jury will be using three key factors in reviewing each application.

1. Quality and Aesthetic:
Jurors look at the quality and appearance of the work presented. This is where having good product photography comes into play.  Did you select your BEST work to include with your application? Did you show enough variety?

2. Uniqueness and Originality:
Is the work presented innovative and original? What sets you apart from the rest? Your artist statement can also help relay why you do what you do. Do not be afraid to really sell yourself!

Make sure to detail your handmade process.  Giving our jurors a view into your process can make the difference between them selecting you or a similar artisan in your place.

3. Branding and Sellability:
How well is the work represented? Do you have a logo or innovative packaging?

If you have done a fair before, make sure to include booth images or possibly do a mock setup.

Make sure your website and social media are up to date, as that is also a good example of how you represent your work.  

It is always important to put your best foot forward and we hope this inside scoop helps shed some light on the Jury process!

Submit your best application!
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