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Fair Tips From Vendors To Vendors

It’s officially craft fair season! With that comes tons of prep for the big day. It’s easy for craft fair vendors to put countless hours into the creative process and product preparation but fail to prep themselves in small ways that make the day go by smoothly.

Below, we’ve created a video with tips from some of our seasoned craft fair veterans on how you can set yourself up to have the best event experience possible.

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Find A Fair That Fits Your Vibe

As you start to dip your toes into events, you'll find that many cities have a sea of choices.  It's your job to weed through events and determine which ones are a good fit for you.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you evaluate potential events:

What's the event's target demographic?  Different events lend themselves to different audiences, so you want to make sure you find one that aligns with who you are as a brand. There is a distinction between Fine Arts, Arts & Crafts, and Flea Markets so what a show calls themselves can also be a good indicator. 

Jackalope Pasadena

Jackalope Pasadena

What does the event's marketing look like?
You don't need to reach out to the event manager to answer this question.  It can be as easy as a quick google search of the event, can you see if and where the event has been featured.  Who is covering the event can be a big indicator on who is coming. After all, they should be marketing to their target demographic. 

What other types of artisans participate in the event?  Can you find an artisan roster from past events?  Or perhaps a quick scroll through the event's social media can show you photos. This will give you a good look into what people are shopping for when they come to these events and what is selling successfully. Look out for how they curate the event and make sure not one category is overly saturated. If you can visit the event in person first, that can help too! 

Jackalope Denver

Jackalope Denver

What is the average price point for an artisan selling? We always recommend featuring a variety of price points to attract a wider demographic. However if the event has an average price point of $5 and your lowest priced piece is $250, well that may not be a good fit. 

Does the event have qualification parameters?   And do you fit into those parameters?  Is the show for handmade artisans only?  Is it juried?  Does anyone who pays a fee get in?  These are important things to consider before you send in an application.  It will also give you an idea of the quality of work that is expected. 

No, not this kind of Jury! 

No, not this kind of Jury!