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Denver Vendor Spotlight: Trekker Leather

How would you describe your style?  Are there any artists / designers that you particularly look up to?
My style is a blend of cowboy saddle stitching I learned from my grandfather when I was young, and the modern, rustic elements associated with every day life.

What do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?
I can only say that everything I make has a staple of quality that brands itself from one item to the next.

What sort of things inspire you?  Where do you look for inspiration?
I tend to look back in time at the civilizations my ancestors come from, it seems to allow function and aesthetic to agree with each other.

Q:When do you feel the most creative?
At night

What is your creative process like?
Research, think, think some more, measure, think again, make, re-think, re-measure, re-make.

What's the coolest artistic tip you've ever received?
Never be satisfied.  Accept that only 80% of your full potential will ever truly be displayed at one time, so make sure you are 150% on your game.

Where can we learn more about you?
There are a plethora of places you can find us most commonly:

- Website:

- Instagram:

- Pinterest:

- Facebook:

- Etsy: