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Denver Vendor Spotlight: Less is More Ceramic Design

How would you describe your style?
My style can be labeled as a mix between contemporary and rustic with a minimalistic approach. The forms tend to be simplistic with a focus on functionality, where as the designs and alterations have a contemporary flare. The color palette of my glazes have a rustic tone with soft and subdued colors reminiscent of elements of nature like the ocean and the grains of sand from the beach. These colors are formed through my firing process and the types of Clay that I use. There are a lot of artists that I look up to whether the art is 3-D or 2-D doesn't matter. They range from painter Georgia Okeefe to potter Martha Grover to the Sculptures from Picasso but I don't try to incorporate their styles and influence into my work because their style is their own and my style is my own. 

What do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?
Every goal for an artist or maker is to have a signature style or creative stamp, mine comes through my carving on my pottery and through the forms I use for functional ware. Some of my forms aren't traditional but I have the users comfort in mind. Take for example a coffee mug, some of my mugs have a wavy lip Rim that make it more comfortable to use. If you don't believe me try it out ;)

What is your creative process like?
My process all focused around producing one form or style at one time. When I get an idea for a new piece I'll make 50-100 of that same item with little alterations to find the perfect most functional yet beautiful form. Then I'll continue to produce that altered item. Then all the greenware is put through a bisque firing, then the pieces are glazes with a homemade glaze recipe, then fired to 2300 degrees in a reduction gas kiln. 

Where can you learn more about me?
You can visit me at work at my studio in Evergreen, CO or you can visit my website. I post constant shop updates on Instagram as well.
Instagram: lessismoreceramicdesign