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Denver Vendor Spotlight: Urban Baby Co

How did you start in the Handmade community?

Urban Baby Co. started out as a simple craft idea. At the age of 9, I saw Anne Geddes "Children's Collection" and fell in love with the colors, the cute costumes, textures, and her out-of-the ordinary compositions. My mom must have seen my interest because every January I would get her calendar and frame the old ones!

I took what she did visually and composed unique and cheeky sayings that usually brings a smile to someone’s face. Couple that with fabric, stencils, and quality organic baby onesies, and you’ve got Urban Baby Co. It was something I did for fun that ended up turning into a full-time business. 

I think my mom still has a number of Anne Geddes dolls in her basement...

What or who inspires you?

As an adult my inspirations come from clever conversations, art, nature, big cities, and sarcasm. My designs cover a broad range which opens doors for all kinds of people whose lives are touched by a baby. 

What makes your work unique and truly your own?

I'm constantly asking myself, "what would be something fun?" and "what would I want my baby to wear?" If I'm excited and can’t stop thinking about it - I go for it. I'll play with colors and designs until it's perfect. Something so little as to changing the font to reflect the mood or the tone of a phrase turns it into an artful piece.

People that shop in the handmade community appreciate the thought process behind my designs.  You won't see them at big chain stores and if you do, please note that they were probably copied by another manufacturer (ha!).

What can we expect to see from you at Jackalope?

Big holiday surprises with unique designs, colors, and hip vibes! I'll be bringing: organic baby onesies, baby headbands, organic adult tees, and family sets. I'm excited to participate with Jackalope as this will be my first year!