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Meet Zane Beadles Parade Foundation

At each Jackalope Denver event we select a nonprofit as our event beneficiary who betters the community and inspires us to do more.  Zane Beadles Parade Foundation does just that, and this Spring we are very excited to work with ZBPF, learn more about them below and come show your support on May 19th & 20th! 

1. When was Zane Beadles Parade Foundation founded and why? In 2013, Zane Beadles – former Denver Bronco currently playing for the San Francisco 49ers – established the Zane Beadles Parade Foundation (ZBPF).  ZBPF is a non-profit organization focused on providing experiences to distract our pint-sized warriors from their daily treatments. Studies indicate the experiences patients receive outside of the hospital is just as important as the treatment they receive in the hospital and positive experiences can improve a patient’s quality of life, stress level and recovery.  In 2017 through our Greatest Gift program ZBPF has sent over 50 families in SF and Denver to cheer on the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers, helped deliver 30 Bags of Fun with the Gabby Krause Foundation, hosted 4 pancake breakfasts and built a new Sports Court at Brent's Place, sponsored a Holiday Extravaganza at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children for 50 families, and the Winterfest at Cherry Creek North

Zane Beadles with the Denver Broncos

Zane Beadles with the Denver Broncos

2. How did the name come about? While Zane was playing for the Denver Broncos the offensive line chose spirit animals.  The elephant was selected for Zane because of his size, he offers protection, strength, power, stability and wisdom.  Elephants offer good luck on a long hard journey and strength to make it through.  The elephant was selected to represent the foundation as the Zane Beadles Parade Foundation.  Zane believes life is about the journey not the destination and is dedicated to making the journey better for others.

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3. What makes ZBPF so unique and special? The foundation is a start up and Denver is the home of our Foundation.  ZBPF is special and unique because even though we were started in Denver, we continue to make an impact in Salt Lake City, UT where Zane played for the University of Utah, in Jacksonville Florida where Zane played for the Jaguars, and currently in the bay area as he plays for the SF 49ers. We are committed to collaboration, and partner with organizations to ensure a level of dignity and financial respite so that our partner’s can continue to offer all of their services to our families at no cost.  Frequently totaling more than $1 million per child, the expenses associated with oncology care are devastating to a families financial wellbeing.  Many families have been impoverished by their child’s disease; often a parent must stop working to care for their child.  The average income of our families is $50k – that is if both parents are able to keep their jobs.  The families we serve require a minimum stay in the hospital of 120 days and incur more than $10k in expenses.  ZBPF’s goal is to raise funds to assist the families with their expenses as well as provide programming opportunities and experiences they would not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy!

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4. Why are you excited to partner with Jackalope this Spring? Because the festival is also a start up started by 2 hip, fun girls with a strong desire to give back to the community! Our values strongly align and we admire the fact Jackalope gives artists a chance to make a difference.  Also, our families love art and it is used as a form of therapy for them.  This will give ZBPF a chance to increase our exposure in the community as well as collect much needed art supplies to put in the newly established Zane's Zone-these Zones will be no procedure zones and allow the kids to just be kids!  The Zone will also have an adult area in order to provide a place for them to work and spend more time at the hospital with their children.


5. Where can we learn more about ZBPF and how can we help? On our new website at  You can help us spread the word about all the wonderful work we are doing in Denver, Salt Lake City and San Francisco!

Meet Brighter Future Charity

This Spring Jackalope Pasadena decided to welcome Brighter Future Charity as our event beneficiary! Although the fair is as always free to attend, we want to encourage donations to Brighter Future and the families they help. Learn more about them below why we want to help out!

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1. When was Brighter Future Charities Founded? Brighter Future was founded in 2013

2. Why did Brighter Future start? BFC was founded as a result of our founder, Mila Larios, noticing a sincere lack of inclusive support programs for families affected by autism. After one of her good friend's children was diagnosed with autism, Mila set out to create a support program to help others affected and bring about awareness in the surrounding communities. 


3. What makes Brighter Future so unique and special? One of the main things that makes BFC so unique is our focus on connecting our students with the community. So often you hear stories in the news of individuals with developmental issues only when speaking of motive or crime. BFC works to give a real face to the story of autism and help communities understand how to support those with autism. Not only that, but we work to showcase and support our autistic artists, who teach workshops and sell art at events to raise money for autism. 


4. Why are you excited to partner with Jackalope this Spring? We are excited to partner with Jackalope in the Spring after having such an amazing fair with you last fall. Our artists got so much out of seeing all the different ways in which they could turn their passion for art into a vehicle towards independence. Not only that, but our group could not get enough of the amazing activities offered to Jackalope patrons.  

BFC artists making Pinch Pots at Jackalope Pasadena with Cobalt and Clay!

BFC artists making Pinch Pots at Jackalope Pasadena with Cobalt and Clay!

5. Where can we learn more about Brighter Future and how can we help? For more information please visit our facebook page at or on our website at