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THANKS to our Pasadena Sponsors!

Today's blog is dedicated to introducing and thanking all of the amazing sponsors who have been so supportive of the innagural Jackalope Arts & Craft Fair, our mission, and in helping us connect the community to our event.  

Our sponsors are a diverse group of local and national businesses including both those directly involved in the handmade community and those who aren't but are excited to find ways to connect to it.  So let's take a minute to celebrate the warm support of the handmade community and these Jackalope Sponsors!

YELP! Our first sponsor is one you most likely all know and use!  Yelp is that app or website you use to find just about any kind of local business in just about any neighborhood!  Yelp allows you to talk about and rate your experience with these local businesses and to share that with everyone.  Yelp is connecting neighborhoods, businesses, and people in a unique way and we are thrilled to have them promote and attend the Jackalope Art & Craft Fair.  You can find our Pasadena Fair in the Yelp event listings here:

Unanimous Craft: "Like Yelp for the crafty community" Unanimous Craft is your one stop shop on finding out where you can sell your handmade goods. It will provide the where and how to go about selling your goods online, through brick and mortar stores, and craft shows! Look for their new and improved website coming next month. For now follow them on Facebook

Speaking of where to sell your handmade goods, the next two sponsors are brick and mortar boutiques in the Los Angeles area who carry unique, trendsetting, handmade goods all the time!  

Los Angeles County Store: We have mentioned the LA County Store before since Owner, MaryAnne LoVerme is one of our jurors!  Los Angeles County Store is the only shop dedicated exclusively to fine goods made in Los Angeles.  From artisanal food to small housewares, apothecary to prints and stationary, it is a thoughtfully curated collection of beautifully crafted wares from across the county.  

Leanna Lin's Wonderland: A playful jewelry studio/shop/art gallery inspired by modern + retro designs, where you can use your imagination to create your own beaded jewelry or shop the amazing work of carefully selected makers.  People of all ages enjoy visiting this little gem in Eagle Rock, especially for the carefully curated art + pop-up events!  Leanna also designs her own jewelry collection which you'll find at the Jackalope Art & Craft Fair!  

While we are talking local, let's introduce our next sponsor, Christine Haynes!  Also a member of our jury, Christine Haynes is helping to support and promote our Fair and our vendors.  Christine Haynes is a Los Angeles-based sewing author, teacher, and pattern designer with her own line of sewing patterns, Christine Haynes Patterns, which are perfect for the vintage-loving modern seamstress.  

Our next two sponsors are dedicated to making sure their readership knows about the Jackalope Art & Craft Fair!  Let's give a shout out to our media sponsors!! Click on the links below to check them each out:

Pasadena Charm is also going to help promote our fair! They feature the Creme de la Creme of Pasadena.  Want to experience the best Pasadena has to offer?  Check them out and see what's noteworthy all over Pasadena!

Now let's talk about the sponsors who make sure our printed materials look fabulous for distribution!  

Print Renegades: Responsible for our really rad Jackalope Arts Canvas tote bags, which will be available for sale at the Fair and online, is Print Renegades!  They incite and embolden free thinking by crushing the walls of traditional print shops.  They are environmentally aware and come from the artist background delivering the highest possible quality.  Shop Jackalope for your own canvas tote!

The Printing Train: Our second print sponsor will be creating our flyers, post cards, banners etc.  The Printing Train is a family owned and operated company who loves what they do and takes pride in delivering the highest quality product!  

Wondering how you're gonna get to the Fair?  Take the Metro!  Thanks to this sponsor, you can take the train directly to the park and the first 50 people to present a Metro pass or Metro employee card to our info booth will receive a FREE Jackalope Arts canvas tote!  

Thanks to our next sponsor, The Pasadena Humane Society, you may be taking home a brand new, four legged member of your family!  We will have plenty of great vendors in the Fair selling pet supplies like collars, leashes & even doggy outfits so you can stock up for your new friend!

Last but not least, we love a good celebration and great, locally crafted beer makes for the perfect celebration… sponsoring our accepted vendor mixer is Angel City Brewery!  Located in the Downtown LA Arts District, ACB supports local arts of all kinds.

Have a great idea for a sponsorship or want to be a sponsor yourself? Learn more and fill out our sponsorship form!

Meet the Jurors: Brent Turner!

Brent Turner: The Campbells PR / Beer and Tall Buildings


Q: Tell us a little about yourself & your background in the arts & crafts world: 
A: I remember the moment distinctly: I had just returned home from a month-long tour with my band. I quit my day job at a PR agency to head out on the road and now here I was, back home, scared shitless about bills, staring blankly at my computer. PR was the only profession I really new. So I decided to open my own consultancy and promised myself I'd only work on things I loved. These things were (and still are) art, design and architecture.

Q: Tell us about a few favorites of yours: 
A: That's easy. Wilderness, dense cities and beer. British ESBs (and their California pale ale analogues) to be exact.

Q: What do you love most about the handmade movement?
A: I love the intentionality of the handmade movement. Time in quiet contemplation almost always leads to brilliant ideas. And I think the protracted handmade process facilitates that type of introspection. 

Q: What is the most important feature in an artist's application for you? 
A: I look for 3 things in any creative work: concept, craft and heart. First, is there an original idea or an original progression of an existing idea? Second, has the artist developed his or her craft to the point that it induces a sense of wonder or respect for the work in front of you? Third, does the work speak to some level of universal truth? This is the heart of a work. It should be self-aware but not self-conscious. It will certainly be flawed too, but somehow perfect in that state of imperfection. Everyone has heart. But putting our hearts into our work is the hardest thing to do.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in being a part of the Jackalope Arts jury?  
A: I'm looking forward to that rush of seeing new work. I liken it to watching the Lakers (well, the Lakers of old) in the playoffs. With every shot, there's a rush of the unexpected. Not every shot goes in the basket, but you're always hoping. I feel that way about art and artists too. Not every work is a slam dunk…yet. But you always see the seedling of something greater to come. That's really exciting to me.

Q: Where can we find out more about you? 
A: My career has shifted into copywriting now, which means my craft is writing propaganda for organizations and individuals. And I'm resuscitating a podcast I started years ago with Coagula Art Journal called Beer & Tall Buildings. It's loosely described as "drinks and conversation with thinkers and creators." Now that I've admitted I'm bringing it back publicly, I can't back out now. So check it out (and links to recent copywriting work) at

Overhead image of the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

Overhead image of the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair