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Meet Jackalope Pasadena Juror: Kay Yee

Joining our 2017 Jackalope Pasadena Jury panel is Kay Yee.  We're excited to have Kay help us continue our goals with promoting the highest quality handmade artisans.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself & your background in the arts & crafts world

Education: BFA from California College of Art, Oakland CA (majored in Crafts & Metalsmithing) MFA from CSULB in Long Beach (majored in Metalsmithing, jewelry, and Crafts)

Q: What / who is your biggest inspiration?

Mentors: Roger Baird was my inspiration when I began my studies in the Bay Area in the early 70’s.

But Alvin Pine an early educator of metalwork who many of the current teachers in the area have studied metalwork with in the 60-70’s have worked with him.

Q; How did you get into your position in the arts & crafts world?

I would say that my position in the jewelry/crafts area has been that of an educator. I had taught for over 30 years at Pasadena College, and am now a Professor Emeritus. At PCC, I developed the Jewelry and Crafts certificate and program. 

Q: Tell us about a few favorites of yours: 

My two great interests are traveling to see archeological sites and studying crafts (historical & contemporary)

June Schwarcz was a enamelist and metalworker for the the Bay Area that created beautiful timeless electroformed enamel vessels that continue to inspire me.

Harlan W. Butt another metalsmith/enamelist teaches in Texas. He makes hollow ware that  incorporates cloisonné enamel and silver accents.

Carol Webb, an artist who incorporated bi-metal (of copper & silver) with photo etching to make graphic jewelry.

Q: What do you love most about the handmade movement?

There is nothing like being a maker or a craftsperson. The gratification of problem solving through creativity is a creative zone of accomplishment.

Q: What is the most important feature in an artist's application for you? 

The quality of the creativity and craftsman.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in being a part of the Jackalope Arts jury?  

I am honored to join a group of jurors who wish to help promote unique quality handmade products to the community.

Q: Share some of your own work with us:

1. Copper enamel & silver vessel
2. Copper & silver enameled bowls
3. Sterling and enameled brooch