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Denver Vendor Spotlight: Boxwood Pinball

Meet Bill and Travis, the owners of Bowwood Pinball: creators of all wood pinball games.  

Travis and I have always felt Boxwood Pinball is unique because of its beginning as an artist collaboration. We each have our own style when it comes to our individual art, and the combination of our talents becomes very unique. We both are into abstract and conceptual art, but bring it down to Earth when it comes to Boxwood. Our wooden games are meant to be a throw back to simpler times with a twist of modern design and art.

Man-Craftival Booth.jpg


We can work independently because we are in tune with what we want Boxwood to be.

Bill's creative process happens in the wood shop where he draws and saws the physical aspect of the games. Travis works in his drawing studio surrounded by pets and music. Our creative process is triggered by the excitement of seeing what the other person has done, and being able to react to that work with our own.

We are inspired by the love of doing our work. The daily routine of getting into the studio with a fresh cup of coffee and letting our hands take us somewhere is a thrilling experience.

Learn more about Boxwood Pinball:

Learn more about Boxwood Pinball:

Shop Boxwood Pinball at the Denver Jackalope Art & Craft Fair on November 14th & 15th!