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Product Photography 101

Our mission with the Jackalope Art & Craft fair is to create an event where the attendees can interact with you and your work and touch, try on, taste, smell etc.   However, outside of the fair setting, when you are being represented online by only a picture, quality product photographs are key to your success.  


Whether selling online through sites like Etsy, Shop Envy or your own website or applying to sell at a craft fair or boutique, the product photos are often all that is seen and can make or break that sale or acceptance.  Most of us aren't professional photographers but with a little help, you can become your own awesome product photographer!

The most important part of product photography is to TELL A STORY of not only the item being photographed but the story of your shop as a whole.  Develop a photo styling back pallet with similar background and styling in each photo so the brand feels cohesive.

KEEP PERSPECTIVE when you have products of various sizes by either emphasizing the size via a close up shot or showing multiple perspectives of each item.

Each image in a product listing should show a different facet of the product.  Your can photograph VARIATIONS of the product in color and style & in USE!

There is a wealth of information on the web about how to take great product photos, even with just a smartphone!  Check out these posts from Etsy and Handmadeology:

Make sure you take a lot of photos and then edit & curate them down to tell the best story.  Always put the best one first as the thumbnail!   We are excited to see your product photos when you apply for Jackalope Art & Craft Fair!