Pasadena: Jury

Pasadena art & craft fair jury members

Meet the Jurors for Jackalope Pasadena:

Amanda Vernon: Owner of Mindfulnest

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Q: Tell us a little about yourself & your background in the arts & crafts world


A:December 1997 I was hired as extra Christmas Help at Handmade Galleries in Sherman Oaks... Handmade Galleries was a 5,000 sq ft retail space, where artists would rent space from us and we would be there to sell their wares. I immediately fell in love with the business. Fast forward 10 years later, managing the store, in charge of renting the spaces to artists and working on store promotion and having a space of my own, reselling vintage clothing and odd ends. (I have vintage resale/flea market experience, before Handmade). 

Q: What / who is your biggest inspiration?

A: My biggest inspiration? That's a tough one, I feel inspired daily by all the artists I work with. I've always had an eye... I would have to say my Mom! She's an amazing artist and has such an inspiring outlook on life. She's always saying... it's in "The Details" and that has kind of stuck with me.

Q: Tell us about a few favorites of yours: 

A: Some favorites of mine...  I've been working with Mark Brunner for 8 years, we met right after we open our Burbank store. I love his color sense and simplicity of subject matter. I like accessibility... Reza Kassai is another artist I'm obsessed with. Again strong colors, his crazy girls are brilliant. I have so many favorites. If you've ever been in one of our shops... We really cover so many areas. Art, Jewelry, Ceramics I could go on and on. 


Q: What do you love most about the handmade movement?

A:The Handmade movement is so important. I love a community. I grew up in the 70's and have lived in communal settings. Creativity was always around. To this day nothing makes me feel more alive than connecting with community. The world is changing and with the disconnect, connecting has never been more important. 

Q: What is the most important feature in an artist's application for you? 

A: What I would be looking for... first something I've never seen before, originality. Interesting use of materials. I always like "eco friendly" items. My artistic style tends to be more on the wild side. I'm drawn to edgy works. But have been moved by color alone. I have a very organic process, I just know what interest me when I see it.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in being a part of the Jackalope Arts jury?  

A: I'm looking forward to expanding my horizon and hopefully helping to expand yours too... I love discovery! 

Q: Where can we find out more about you?

A: Find out more about me...


Theresa Baxter: Artist/ Co-owner of Allmost and Allright Collective

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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in the arts world? 
First and foremost, I am an illustrator. I believe deeply in the transformational power of honest and vulnerable representation. My background is in art therapy; a career I decided to put off until later in life, but I use my own art making practice to process, and specifically my relationship with myself and my body. 

I also co-own two creative businesses; an art studio space called Allmost, providing accessible creative space and community for creative entrepreneurs and artists in MidCity, Los Angeles. And a retail collective in Silverlake (Allright Collective); where we provide a brick and mortar infrastructure for local makers and artisans to sell and grow their independent brands. Both of these businesses give artists and creative entrepreneurs a platform for growth in Los Angeles, which I believe is incredibly important for the future of my city.

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2. What/who is your biggest inspiration? 

I am most inspired by the people around me. Incredible makers and creative entrepreneurs who are creating the world they want to see. And this city!

3. What do you love most about the handmade movement? 

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I love the sustainability and unique and honest perspectives represented in goods made by hand, or dreamt up by artists. I don’t want to be told how to be and what to want by an advertising agency; I am most excited by products and imagery that is reflective of honest human experience.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5+ years? 

Doing what I’m doing now, but working less and making more. 

5. Anything you want to see more of in the arts world in the future? 

I believe that we can change ourselves and our world through representation. I want to continue to see more bodies and more humans represented in the art world.

6. What is the most important feature in an artist’s application for you?

I think an artist’s purpose and intention is most important - I love to see that someone’s brand is authentic and meaningful to them. I will also be looking for sustainable supply chains, and production practices that support other local independent businesses.

7. What are you most looking forward to in being a part of the Jackalope Jury? 

I am looking forward to seeing some new artists and brands! And shopping for our store as well :)

8. Where can we find more about you? 

My favorite part of the internet is Instagram: HTTPS://WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/REESABOBEESA/

I also have a website: HTTP://WWW.THERESABAXTER.ME/

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