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Denver Vendor Spotlight: Point Blank Art & Design

How did you start in the handmade community?

While living in Tulsa, I had been doing a lot ofart shows, displaying my paintings and photographs at galleries, and other venues. There was an art festival that happened every year that focused on local artists and handmade. People kept encouraging me to do it, so I gave it a go, and loved it! 

What or who inspires you?

Oh man, with the internet at our fingertips, inspiration is ENDLESS...but I've always been heavily influenced and inspired by the works of Warhol, Lichtenstein, Banksy, and Shepard Fairey, as well as Ralph Steadman. Music and nature also provide great sources of inspiration for me. 

What makes your work unique and truly your own?

I love taking familiar, as well as unfamiliar images and breathing new life into it, giving it a fresh look, and a spontaneous dynamic... I think I'm able to capture a subject's soul through color, composition and texture in a way that sets my work apart from others.

What can we expect to see from you at Jackalope Art & Craft Fair?

You can expect prints and originals, smaller items like postcards, and buttons. And I'll be launching a new product, my "art you wear" necklaces! 

Shop Point Blank Art & Design at Jackalope Art & Craft Fair on August 12th & 13th at Anderson Park, Wheat Ridge CO

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